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  • Last day - Avril 2018

    Retour vers la France...

  • Tuesday 24th - Avril 2018

    Today, in the morning, we went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients to cook in their school. When we got back to the school, we started cooking. There were three groups of four, two French and their correspondents. Some made the entree (soup and crudités), others made the main course (quiche Lorraine), other’s made the other main course (potato pancake with compote), another two who made the two desserts ( galette des rois and forêt noire) and the last one who set the tables and the (...)

  • Monday 23rd - Avril 2018

    Départ à 8 heures en bus pour le zoo ZOOM

  • Third day - Avril 2018

    Balade en vélo jusqu’au musée de Otto Pankok
    Puis soirée avec les correspondants.
    Friday :
    We did a bike outing to go to the Museum of a painter who is Otto pankok.We did 10 kilometers by bike, it was tiring.Theoden even broke his bike !
    In this Museum there were paintings by Otto Pankok and we could see his house right next to the museum.
    After we did an activity : drawing. We had to draw a painting by Otto Pankok. Mrs Bregnon draws very well.
    After we came back and met our correspondent to (...)

  • Second day : at school and in town - Avril 2018

    Today, we went to school with our correspondent, we played games, we visited the school and we studied in the morning. After we went into the city for the rally. Then in the afternoon we were with our correspondent.
    Sarah and Louise
    Today, we went to the German school. We did a rally in the school with different quests : a lazer parcours, a chemist experience, sport and and other games. After that, we had class. The different students went with their penfriend. After that, we had lunch and (...)

  • Premier jour : route et train - Avril 2018

    Départ au petit matin 5:30. Pour cause de grève SNCF, nous rejoignons la Gare du Nord en train.
    Un peu d‘attente à Paris puis Thalys jusqu’à Cologne. Là encore deux trains jusqu’à Wesel où nos correspondants nous attendent sous un soleil radieux !
    Wednesday morning we took the bus at 5:30 in front of the school.Then we took the train at 11:47 and we arrived in Koeln at 3:15 pm.To reach our destination we took a 50-minute train and another 20-minute train to reach the station of Wesel. Our (...)

  • Le récit de nos aventures - Avril 2018

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